Helpful Content Analysis Websites

These websites concern ‘content’ analysis, not strictly ‘computer-aided text’ analysis. So while they may have information regarding computer-aided text analysis, they also include information about other forms of content analysis as well (e.g., manual coding, image analysis, etc).


Mike Pfarrer from the University of Georgia curates this page on content analytic methods in management research.

The page includes PowerPoint presentations from the annual Academy of Management Content Analysis Workshop, as well as links to valuable content analytic articles and tools.


Larry Williams from Texas Tech University leads CARMA, which has featured webcasts and courses regarding content analysis among myriad other methods.

Videos of particular interest to content analysts:

  • “Computer-Aided Text Analysis: Tips and Techniques”
    “Photographs and Organizational Research: Photo Elicitation as a Data Source”
  • “Content Analysis”
  • “Coding for Discovery”
  • “Text Mining in the Organizational Sciences”


Kimberly Neuendorf from Cleveland State University provides this website as a companion for her valuable book on content analysis.

The website does not appear to be updated for the new version of the book, but nevertheless has valuable content and additional resources for content analysts.  


Deen Freelon from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill provides this online intercoder reliability calculator for free. It offers a range of reliability statistics, and can easily handle a range of data types and number of coders.